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Government Assistance is Available for Your Utilities

As more utility companies become privatized, the prices for the average resident’s electric, water, and heat have invariably gone up. So if you feel like you’ve been suddenly swamped high utility costs, then you’re not alone. This is an issue millions of Americans are struggling with as local areas start to look for energy alternatives. But before utility companies and practices change, there are the monthly bills now to take care of. The good news is that there are a number of great programs available to consumers just like you if you need help covering your electric, heating, water, or other utility bills. Continue reading to learn more.

Exciting Government Program Options Available to Help Low Income Utility Users

  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Block Grant.  This government program is offered via the Federal Department of Health and Human Services and offers two different types of financial aid services. First, low income applicants can apply for financial assistance to directly offset current heating or cooling bills and this can be a much-needed boon for both residents or homeowners. The other type of assistance is reserved for low income homeowners as it offers financial assistance to help qualified applicants better weatherize their home for long-term energy savings.

  • Home Energy Assistance Program.  This is a government program that likewise offers direct financial assistance to those who need it for paying bills, but it does tend to be more selective. Priority is given to applicants who are senior citizens or have a medical disability that prevents them from seeking gainful employment.   

  • Weatherization Assistance Program.  This is a great government program that is designed to help consumers in the long-run as applicants can apply to have a professional energy service to come to their home. This professional will assist individuals and families learn how best to conserve energy and weatherize their home for long-term energy savings. For example, the service might provide free or significantly discounted weatherstripping, attic insulation, furnace maintenance, and home repairs. These are all important home updates that can significantly reduce a home’s overall energy consumption both in the summer and the winter. 

  • Citizens Energy Oil Heat Program. This isn’t a low income government program but it is a program that has nonetheless helped tens of thousands of Americans cover their utilities bill. This oil heat program is put together by the Citizens Energy Corporation which is a non-profit organization that was first established in 1979 with the goal, that they continue on today, to provide discounted and free home heating services and supplies. If you have a heating system that operates on oil, then this is the team to call as they have delivered millions of gallons of free and discounted home heating oil to those who need it. Note that priority is given to elderly households, low income households, and those households who were recently impacted by an unexpected event, such as a job loss or uninsured natural disaster.

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