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These 21st Century Careers Are Booming And In Need Of Candidates

Once upon a time, people had careers instead of jobs. Today’s industries change with changing technology and the economic atmosphere. How can job seekers take advantage of the changes?

App Development

Two billion people use smart phones. One point thirty-five billion people use tablets. The Apple App Store and Google Play Store each have over two million apps available for download. Forty-nine percent of people download them eleven times per day. Users download 30 apps per month. By 2020, apps will be a $189 billion industry.

Those wishing to develop apps may find classes teaching app development both on the ground and online. There are almost 22,000 openings paying approximately $87,790 per year with a 34 percent growth rate.

Software Development

Few people are unaware that everything runs on software from their cars to their computers. Computers aren’t going anywhere for a good long time, so whomever develops software will always have a job.

Industries using software developers include insurance, the gaming industry, music, and, obviously, computers.

Software developers make $94,180 per year in the 15,340 job openings available for a 30 percent growth rate.

Computer Systems Analyst

A business not technologically current is soon out of business. The business needs someone who can merge technological innovations with the business. This job seeker understands both technology and basic business operation. The result is a streamlined business operating efficiently.

Healthcare is the largest industry requiring systems analysts presently. Add to that Human Resources, Financial, Computer and Technical industries and many more.

For those taking one of the 22,280 job openings, they’ll be paid $77,740 in a career with a 20 percent growth rate.

Medical Scientist

Medicine has so many specialties and divisions that it’s difficult to choose among them. However, medical scientists were first medical doctors who specialize in the division of medicine they research:

  • Neuroscience. The brain is still the vast unknown to the medical industry due to incorporating in its territory psychology, math, chemistry, physics, and medicine. Illnesses and cures begin or end here.
  • Genetics. The answers to inherited illnesses or a predisposition for them are studied at the genome or base level of the DNA. Molecular biologists and biochemists study genetics.
  • Pharmacology. For every ailment, there is a corresponding medication. Doctors study hard to find the solution or at least to control illnesses that lay their patients low.

Those studying in medical school may look forward to filling one of the 6,620 openings and making $76,700 in a career with a 40 percent growth rate.

Registered Nurse

The Baby Boomer population is being pushed aside by the more populous Millennial generation. Many registered nurses are in that very generation that now requires more focused care. A serious shortage of nurses of all types, but more of registered nurses, is happening right now. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a need of 3.6 million registered nurses by 2030.

Western states, with their high costs of living, pay their registered nurses $100,00, while more affordable states pay theirs less than $60,000. Numbers change from year to year and state to state, but the field is wide open and growing at an astounding rate.